Sunday, December 14, 2008


hidup mesti mo sentiasa hepi..

once u upset...lupekan jekla

anggap mcm nuthin happen or jz ur nightmare

tinggal kat mane2 yg u oll x dtg lg

n start it again

buatla gitu..

all over again n again..

till u guyz achieve ur dream

n put da priority in front of u..

u guyz might b an ordinary person

but dun 4get

u can do n wutever u want

if u want to

trust me..

but dun create an enemy

even they hurted u

rilex je

everything will b fine then

thus, dun mess wif someone

dat u dunno well

or mayb u think

she/he looks like an innocent person

or jz luv to keep quite

all dat u hav 2 do is...

respect each other

respect their stand

let them do wutever they want

coz they know who they r

n not everyone jz like u


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