Saturday, December 27, 2008


Hey peeps, i'm juz finished watching Eagle Eye wif muh luvly housemate, Jajah n Myra. Iqeen is not around. By dis moment, she might be sleeping soundly on her bed, in her luvly bedroom at her hometown. But, she missed to watch a group of peoples did acting in front of our house.

Yeah, when we speaking bout acting. We had a chance to watch something. They keep doing da same scene again n again. Bcoz of dat, they keep driving an antic car for many times. Urgh, So many takes they had to do in order to get a perfect take. Well yeah, it's a normal thing for da actors n actress. Mayb if they are people who happened to read dis post though dat’s not a big deal. But, you know, this is one of job offered in da job market. All position or jobs needs talent, and each of us hav our own talent. Well, we always need to find ours also remember to respect everyone as long as they not across the boundary. Coz i believe, each talent is complete another in order to achieve da glory.

Okay, i’m done wif dat. I’ve watched a trailer of “ Yes man” movie. I hope i hav a chance to watch it. Jajah asked me to do it 2morrow. I’m afraid i can’t coz i got a work to do. Thus, next week is a study week and i’m supposed to study aite? But, it’s fine if i jz go to da cinema for a couple of hours isn't it? Neah, dis is not good. My dark side jz come across into my mind. I shouldn’t listened 2 dat.
Muh final exam schedule jz released. I’ll b sitting da xm on 8th and 10th Jan 09. Wish me luck n so do u MMUians.

I hav to off to bed rite now, i had not enough sleep throughout dis week n i need to recover it in order to get muh energy back.

Nitey nitez. Adios~

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