Sunday, April 5, 2009

The secret to good health

Do you want a high that's cheap & natural? A good giggle is the ticket when you laugh, your body release end orphins & encephalins - the body's natural painkill's (and the same chemicals which cause a runner's high).

Some doctors says that 20 seconds of guffaring gives the heart the same workout as 3 minutes of rowing. That's why your tummy often hurt after you've dissolved into hysterics. When we respond to a good joke, out heart rate, blood pressure and breathing all increase and our abdomen expands and contracts as though we're doing mini sit-ups. Afterwards, we feel relaxed.

When you smile, the tightening of your facial muscles alters the blood flow in the head & decrease the temperature of the blood supply to the brain. This physical state is associated with feeling good.

Fake laughter produces the same chemicals in the brain as real laughter, so "fake it till you make it" when you need an instant laugh to help you cope with stress, pain or just having a bad day.

Laugh yourself healthy:

According to research, laughter and fun:

- Trigger release of beneficial hormones that help beat pain and create a good mood.
- Decrease levels -of stress hormones such as adrenaline.
- Help lower blood pressure.
- Boost immunity by raising levels of antibodies such as T cells.
- Stimulate circulation.
- Make you more alert.
- Exercise your muscles.
- Stimulate the function of the left and right hand sides of your brain.
- Help you deal better with problems.

Source : CLEO

p/s: Teringat ms br msk form 4,cikgu accounting xnk percaya yg sy sakit gastrik. Sbb sy leh senyum ms sakit [dlm hati da nangis dah].Sy yg tgh sakit pn hampir tergelak sbb satu klas gelakkn sy sbb ekspesi wajah ketidakpercayaan cikgu tu. Seb baik ada sorang sahabat ni backing sy. inform yg sy penah muntah darah akibat gastrik. Baru cikgu bg sy kuar n rest. Da terbongkok2 sy ms tu tau...

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