Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Classification: U
Genre: Drama/Romance
General Release: 26 June 2008
Running Time: 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Distributed by: Grand Brilliance

Afdlin Shauki
Tony Eusoff
Riezman Khuzaimi
Vanidah Imran
Nasha Aziz

Khabir Bhatia


Three individuals in the city learn the meaning of love, loss and loneliness in this romantic drama. Adam, a successful young chef, creates confectionery masterpieces for weddings, yet has still to find his own bride. Then there is Sufi, who each day runs for miles in an attempt to outrun the memories of his dead wife. Finally, there is Ariel, a young playwright who discovers that theatre is a stage of where her past is finally resolved and her future is unveiled. All three strangers are inevitably linked to a single dramatic moment that transforms their lives forever.

p/s: Macam best jek citer ni. Ntah sempat tgok ke x..

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Fadh said...

citer nie mmg best..patut sgt kene tgk..4 out of 5 star