Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bila di atas..


Do u guys wanna know something? I jz watched "Tomok" thru Utube. But y suddenly i wanna see his performance afta a long time. Actually, i jz curious y people out there keep mention bout his "transformation" but i never ever try to keep in touch bout him.

When i was in Rompin, i read something from newspaper.." New millionaire "Tomok" ". All I can say is "wow..okay, finally,u made it. I'll check out bout u l8r". Apparently, I never ever underestimate anyone in da world..coz i believe people or should i say "human" might change anytime..whether sooner or later. It depends on dat person to choose their rite part.

Okay, back to Tomok issue. I think u deserve it. Ur voice nw much better than b4...compared to earlier he came to dis industry.

I did adore him when i was in form 2. Ouch..kantoi gile. Can u imagine gurls skool? Bila ada spotcheck, mmg bertimbun2 magazine yg ada gamba tomok kene rampas. haha. Sgt xbley blah wokey. Form 2 jek tau. Form 3 sy jadik student litar skematic sket. Coz i did put muh target 4 dat year.Ok, enuff bout dat.

Lpas2 tu, bknla menci or x ske kt tomok dah. Tp ble tgk ramai yg kutuk, so i diam jekla. Dlm ati, "eyh, pesal aku ske dia tp org xske. Tp sbb dia xde kene mengena ngan idup sy. Pastu sy x amik tau dah. Bkn menci..mulut je kt x ske. Tp hati x. Uish kantoi lagik..[tp x fanatic r..ske performance je]. Abes kalo ada bdk2 ms form 3 dlu bc psl nie. wa leh kne hanjeng beb. Tp i dun mind n i dun care :p

2day, i realized, rs xmenci n xfanatic sgt ni btol (mcm x ngaku jek..) :p
Apepon, congratz 2 u..keep it up ! ;) hehehe..

p/s: Tp Tomok, kalo tukar sket style rambut tu leh x...

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